Wine and Picnic

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Gone are the days of transporting your favorite bottle of wine in a tote that is not insulated, or that doesn’t offer firm protection for a bottle of wine that could roll around during transportation. With wine totes you have the ability to transport a single bottle, two bottles, and even some wine totes that can accommodate up to four bottles of wine.


Wine Carriers are a superb choice for the wine aficionado. Whether transporting your wine to a backyard barbeque with friends, or heading to the park with your special someone, there choices in wine tote for two and also for four.


A wine tote bag for two will allow you to enjoy a romantic interlude anywhere the mood strikes you, or perhaps plan for something special for an anniversary or even a proposal. The wine tote for four offers the ability to enjoy wine with some friends. Enjoy a glass of Merlot at the beach or perhaps at a summer’s evening concert in the park.


With our wine carriers, you’ll be able to safely and securely transport your bottles of wine where you need them, and have everything needed to enjoy the wine. From featuring insulated compartments to keep your wine perfectly chilled until you are ready to enjoy, to a wine bottle opener that makes it a breeze to open the bottle in no time at all, and of course durable glasses, your wine tote is certain to fast become your favorite item for enjoying time outdoors.


Wine totes and other single bottle carriers typically offer an adjustable strap that makes it a snap to comfortably transport your wine to your destination. While not always a feature with all adjustable straps, some are padded for added comfort.


Totes that do not have an adjustable shoulder strap will have a carry handle that makes it easy to grab and go. Wine totes for four can often be somewhat on the heavy side when filled with four bottles of wine, despite how lightweight the tote itself it. These larger totes might be a bit easier to maneuver when you use their convenient carry handle.


When selecting your wine carrier, be sure to look for the handle style that will best suit your needs while you are transporting your wine to your destination.


With an insulated tote that keeps your wine perfectly chilled to the right temperature, you’ll be all set to enjoy a bottle of your best chardonnay; no matter where your adventures may lead you. Many of our carriers include the accessories needed to enhance every moment; making even the most ordinary of sunset picnics something special, filled with memories to last a lifetime.


Our Wine totes are a superb choice for almost every gifting occasion, and they are also a great idea for corporate gifting occasions. Whether getting one for a close friend celebrating a birthday, for your parents celebrating a milestone anniversary, or for your own use, you simply can’t take a wrong turn with a wine tote for two, or even a wine tote for four.



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